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Big thinkers with wonderful plans to better the world: we would like to welcome you into our midst. We want to hear your ideas, the fire that is burning within and help you to bring your vision into reality. We are going to do this from 27th – 29th December. A kick-start to enter into 2020 to do what you came here to do.


Just like Confucius once wrote: ‘The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones’. We have placed the first stones for you, in the beautiful Mandali Retreat Centre in Italy.


Believing moves mountains

For those who believe in something, are able to do things that they cannot normally do. That is the core thought of this power retreat. We are defying our ideals and are going to encounter the mountain. We are literally going to climb the mountain, to the heights where the Mandali Retreat Centre can be found, looking over the beautiful Lago d’Orta (Orta Lake), where the founders, Wouter Tavecchio and Wildrik Timmermans (ID&T, Q-dance) made their piece of heaven on earth and which will be available for us for three days.


In this unique location – Mandali receives visitors the whole year around – has everything available to allow the belief in your ultimate dream to come to the surface. Including the entrance to a magnificent temple, the gardens and the most stylish rooms where no one can distract you.

Start: Friday, December 27 - 2 p.m. check-in

End: Sunday December 29 - 2 pm end of program

The programme

In a 3 days programme there will be different awareness sessions and rituals, which will guide you to spirit, power of action and creativity. Host and visionary Janosh will take you to the depths and will offer you a number of powerful activations. These will be deep grounded, visual meditations with Sacred Geometry and healing music. The programme will direct you to personal and spiritual leadership and the breaking up of thought patterns on fear, doubt and restraint.


A part of the retreat will be:

Activations and meditations, silence and relaxing rituals, creative sessions, open circles, personal exercises and a one-to-one support.


About Janosh

Janosh is an artist, visionary and medium. His work is devoted to inspire people to achieve a higher consciousness. He does this with his beautiful geometrical art. But also through books, sessions, workshops, training sessions and retreats.


About Mandali

In northern Italy, not far from the Swiss border, lies Liga d’Orta. It is a beautiful lake adjoining a magnificent mountainous landscape, where the Mandali Retreat Centre can be found at 850 m. People come here for rest, relaxation, awareness. It is a luxurious spiritual centre where everything is directed to disconnection from the pace of life, with a beautiful architectural design based on Italy in the Middle Ages. 

More information: mandali.org

The arrangement comprises of:

  • Two overnight stays in a luxury room for 2 people (single rooms are available at a higher cost) including all body care facilities.
  • A programme with Janosh every day with activations and meditations & sessions
  • A goody-bag with energetic aids
  • An evening programme with entertainment
  • Complete care, including food, drinks and snacks
  • Exclusive transfer from Milan to Mandali Retreat Center. The transfer to Milan is not included (we provide travel advice about flights, departure and arrival times in advance).

We recommend that you travel to Milan Malpesa. From here we can book a transfer for you to Mandali. If you have any questions about this retreat, please contact us via [email protected]

Enrolment for this retreat is possible until 1 December 2019 (with regards to the preparations). Price is Euro 595,00 per person.