ATLANTIS 2020 @ BAIKAL Baikal - Siberia Fr. 14 February 2020 - Sa. 22 February 2020
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Journey with us to the breathtaking Baikal Lake in Siberia, which is seen in the winter as the ‘New Atlantis’. It feels as if you are on another planet here, where time stands still and that you experience the day as one long meditation. Impelled by the Shaman culture that is present, we will make contact with the master within us, who knows where we are going and who will clear the path from all the overgrowth caused by distraction.


In 2020 activate your mastership, in this magical retreat on the shores of the Baikal Lake.


In the heart of Shamanism

There is no where else in the world where you can connect so directly with Shamanism as in Baikal. It is where nature and humanity walk hand in hand and where you will have the feeling that you are in another dimension. Be inspired by many myths and legends about the area, where Shamans have passed on their cosmic knowledge on from generation to  generation. Learn about their powerful rituals, where you can see how strong their belief is in magic. Taking part means co-creating: you transform yourself and the world all around you.


About the Baikal Lake

With its 25 million years, the Baikal Lake is the oldest ‘surviving’ lake. It is more than one and a half kilometers deep and the surface is area is as big as the country of Belgium. The Baikal Lake is considered to be the Pearl of Siberia. People say that you can see the clearest water here in the world. What the lake is also known for, is its healing properties on the mind and body. People from all over the world travel here to heal themselves from disease and negativity.


About the retreat

Mastership is the golden thread of the programme. This means that you are going to make contact with your deepest, spiritual truth. In the meditations we will go back to key moments in your life, in which certain choices have made you who you are. Using exercises and rituals we will try to discover which path you have walked and which choices have made this journey faster or slower. In the meantime we will do reconnaisance in the area and use the nature as a mirror.


What is included in the programme:

  • workshops with activations and interactions
  • excursion to the North and South lines, where it seems as if you have landed on the moon.
  • Visit the island where Buddhist monks and Siberian Shamans have built their stupa (temples).
  • Initiation ritual in one of the power places by the Shamans of Bailkal.



This 8-day arrangement includes: 6 nights in a two persons chalet and one overnight stay in Irkutsk (2 days travelling), including the transfer from Irkutsk to Baikal (and back), ferry boat, excusions, all meals, refreshments and care. Not included is the flight to Irkutsk and Visa (we will help you with your visa application).


Enrollment for this reteat can be made only until December 2 because of arranging visa applications on time. Total price Euro 1.995,00